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Where To Buy Pearls In Tokyo

Japanese pearls also known as Akoyas, are saltwater cultured pearls that are cultivated in the seas of Japan. They are popular because of their high luster and delicate surface. Akoyas are not only favored by women but also by men who appreciate their natural beauty. Cultured pearls are created in a controlled environment. Human intervention nucleates the Japanese pearl oyster to initiate the process of it making the actual pearls. Natural pearls for naturally without human intervention, however, these were over-harvested and no longer are available in trade. Pretty much all pearls you see today are cultured.

where to buy pearls in tokyo

The high luster of these pearls is due to the way the nacre is formed, its symmetry and depth. The pearls are cultivated in a very clean environment with low bacteria. Out of the saltwater pearls, Japanese pearls stand out for their mirror-like luster.

Akoyas culturing techniques and experience yield pearls with consistent shape, size, color, and luster. The pearls have a round shape with a consistent size, which is suitable for various designs. The pearls reach up to 10mm in diameter. This relatively small range allows women of all ages to feel comfortable wearing them.

Japanese pearls are very traditional with iconic designs. They are often handed down from generation to generation due to their timeless appeal. This imbues them with sentimental value and memories. They last for a very long time some say carry the memories from one generation to the next.

Japanese Akoyas are cultivated in the ocean by inserting a bead (AKA Nucleus) into the oyster in a controlled environment. The pearls starts to form as the oyster naturally secretes nacre. The process takes between three and five years, where the oysters are carefully monitored and taken care after. The pearls are harvested by hand when they reach the desired size. After harvesting, the pearls are carefully washed and soaked and ultimately sold to companies such as ourselves. Akoya pearls in Japanese culture are an important factor, if you would like to read more about this then please read this post.

You can find authentic Japanese Akoya pearls at reputable jewelry stores and brands. However, you can get them directly from the source - us at! We buy our pearls directly from the farms and sell them at wholesale rates. As we have been in the industry for over 50 years, we have built our reputation as the best place to buy Japanese Pearls. We also string and craft our Japanese pearl jewelry the traditional Japanese way. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation in the company. The pearls are usually priced depending on their size, shape, and luster. Our pearl experts are always happy to provide input as to the best overtones for a specific skin tone. If you would like to learn more about Japanese cultured pearls price please read this blog post.

The unique characteristics of Japanese Akoyas make them great for women of all ages. The pearls can be worn with both casual and formal attire, making them a great gift for any occasion. The pearls are available in a wide range of sizes that can match any character. We also carry a wide range of inventory, suitable for any budget. And since they are Saltwater pearls, they are considered gem-quality and last for life.

Japanese Akoyas are beautiful cultured pearls that can be worn by everyone. They are available in a wide range of overtones and qualities, making them suitable for every occasion. You can find Akoyas for any budget making them ideal gifts as well. The very high-quality Japanese Akoya pearls are fit for queens! In short, you cannot go wrong with them and we also provided where to buy pearls in Japan.

Pearls have been synonymous with wealth and status in Japan since the first century when free divers began scouring the ocean floor for Akoya oysters. In the late 1800s, Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese entrepreneur, developed a technique for pearl cultivation and launched a pearl shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Today, any decent Tokyo shopping guide is going to include pearl jewelry near the top of the list. Tokyoites and visitors looking for fine jewelry can visit the Mikimoto flagship store known as Ginza Main, while those shopping for casual, more affordable pearls will want to check out the much-photographed Ginza 2.

To buy high quality Japanese pearl2006/3/7 14:00 I came to Japan with my wife two months ago for business.I promised to her to buy a nice pearl necklace. When i visited Mikimoto and Tasaki, i found beautiful pearls but at the moment i cannot afford them.Where can i go instead ?Please let me know a place where i can buy good quality pearls at a better price.I went several other jewelry shops which offer good discounts, but i noted the quality is much lower.Thank martins

Okachimachi2006/3/7 16:52 How about visiting Okachimachi? I took a lady from Jamaica there and she bought a pearl necklace for her colleague. They were even able to add several pearls to make the strand longer. However, this was many many years ago, I can't remeber which shop it was, and I know nothing about pearls. I hope others would be able to help you out better, but for the moment why don't you see this map and wander around? believe there were many shops around liaisonrate this post as useful

pearls2006/3/8 15:17 Hi Martins.A friend of my bought three strands of japanese pearls before leaving japan last december. He has knowledge on jewelry and he found a wholesaler which offers very high quality pearls at good prices. It s a small company that doesn have a shop, though they seem to sell pearls all over the world. And by appointment , i think it s possible to visit them. It s located in shinagawa and i have their e-mail. but no phone no. or address.canillipearl@yahoo.comGood luck, MartinGeorgeby georgerate this post as useful

Thank you George......2006/3/14 12:21 Dear George.Thank you very much, pearls were beautiful, and I made my wife happy.PS. Also I saved a good amount of Martinsrate this post as useful

Very nice pearls with good prices.2008/9/18 16:09 I often visit Tokyo for my IT Business and I have lots of relatives and friends who ask me to buy pearls. So I was looking for a shop where I can find cheap and quality pearls. I found this place, thanks to people who wrote the reviews. So I visited Canilli Pearl after contacting them, but the place was hard to find. They keep many pearls in the small office. I saw selection of pearls and prices and pearls and I understood I was getting a good deal. Thanks to Japan Guide and the people who wrote the reviews. Sumit Shahaby Sumit Shaharate this post as useful

What is the Price Range at Canelli2008/10/8 04:48 Hi Sumit,I am in Shinagawa at the moment can you tell me the price range of the pearls at Canelli?Joyby Joyrate this post as useful

pearls2009/2/10 06:35 For pearls,Tasaki and Mikimoto are very famous in Japan and they're also very expensive. I suggest you to go check jewelry shops at Okachimachi or Ueno in draugr (guest)rate this post as useful

Tiffany is easily one of the most famous brands choices in the pearl industry.That iconic Blue Box, the meticulous craftsmanship and exclusive design collections not found anywhere else, all combine to make for a delicious purchasing experience (especially if you get dressed up and go into the store!).

By contrast, the classic White Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace at in the same size starts at around $1,000.00. Akoya pearls from Pure Pearls are sourced from the top 10% of each pearl harvest, and are selected for their perfectly round, perfectly matched shapes, bright, highly reflective luster and smooth, clean surfaces.

Classic Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklaces also start at just $1,500.00, so you are saving nearly $1,000.00 at aminimum by shopping with over Tiffany - even when you opt for our highest quality Certified Hanadama Akoya pearls.

Mikimoto offers designs in every pearl type: cultured Akoya, Tahitians from French Polynesia, South Sea pearls and even exotic natural pearls like Conch and Melo-Melo, but they are primarily known for their first pearls ever offered, theJapanese Akoya.

For their lower quality (A+ Quality) pearl necklaces of cultured Japanese Akoya ranging from 5.0-8.5mm, budget anywhere from $3,000 up to $7,000 minimum (and of course, premium qualities are available upon request!). Even their lower pearl grades have luster levels guaranteed to blow most other vendors away.

Keep in mind that Mikimoto sources their cultured pearls from the top 5% of each annual pearl harvest and uses their own grading system. Mikimoto grades their pearls: A, A+, AA and AAA Quality, which is their highest/best pearl grade.

At the end of the day, the best value is where you find it. If the idea of visiting a Tiffany or Mikimoto flagship location and selecting a luxury brand strand of pearls thrills you to your toes, then go for it!

To be perfectly honest though, I think most pearl lovers will find the best value shopping at an alternative pearl specialty boutique. If you find the right jeweler, you can have pearls that are the equivalent (or get realllyyyy close!) to Tiffany or even Mikimoto at practically a wholesale price, with personalized jewelry tailored to your exact specifications.

When you shop at Pure, we can provide some of the highest quality luxury pearls at prices that are a fraction of the high-end name brands. From Certified Hanadama Akoya to gorgeous White and Golden South Sea and exotic Tahitian pearls, we have every pearl type available for you to choose from - all at exceptional price points.

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