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Buy 2 Tires Get 2 Free Near Me 2017 TOP

Compared to other stores, Walmart offers some of the lowest average prices on tires with a median per-tire price of $103 according to Consumer Reports. For my 2017 Toyota Camry, tire prices ranged from $71.97 to $316.99 in November 2022.

buy 2 tires get 2 free near me 2017

Walmart offers a road hazard warranty for $10 per tire. This price is included in the total for the Value Tire Installation Package, and the warranty is available only for tires purchased in-store or online at Walmart. The warranty covers unforeseen road hazards, flat repairs and free replacement of non-repairable tires within the first 25% of tread wear.

Pembroke is a member of the South Shore Recycling Cooperative. The SSRC has partnered with Plymouth County Mosquito Control and the Towns of Plymouth and Rockland to host two (2) free tire collections. Residents with Pembroke Recycling Center stickers are able to recycle car tires for $4/each and truck tires for $5/each on Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

Our Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee offers FREE unlimited Tire Repairs for the entire life of your tires. If your tire can't be fixed and is over 3/32" tread, no worries, we will give you a replacement tire at any time, up to 3 years. We'll even help get your tire changed by including reimbursement for Roadside Assistance (up to $75) for the first 12 months at no additional cost. Effective: August 24, 2017. For complete details, see our warranty at any Tire Discounters location.

Limited Warranty: All Continental passenger and light truck tires are eligible for the Limited Warranty for a maximum of up to 72 months from the date of purchase. The Limited Warranty allows for free replacement within the first 12 months. Please see Total Confidence Plan brochure for complete coverage details. 041b061a72


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