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Raphael Mi Gran Noche

Mi gran noche es una canción compuesta por Salvatore Adamo, popularizada por el cantante español Raphael. Se trata de una adaptación al español del tema Tenez-vous bien, de Salvatore Adamo.

Raphael Mi Gran Noche

El tema de "Mi gran noche", interpretado por Rapahel, tuvo su origen en el año 1967. La canción fue compuesta por Salvatore Adamo y después, fue popularizada en España por Raphael. El tema fue el gran "hit" del disco "Digan lo que digan" y es un clásico de la música española de ayer, hoy y siempre.

Raphael represented Spain at the 1966 and 1967 Eurovision Song Contests singing "Yo soy aquél" in Luxembourg, and "Hablemos del amor" in Vienna, placing seventh and sixth, respectively. This marked Spain's strongest showing in the contest at the time, leaving the door open for victory the following year, which Spain achieved with "La, la, la" performed by Massiel. This served as a turning point in Raphael's career, making him an international star. He traveled and performed worldwide in Europe, Latin America, Puerto Rico, the United States, Russia and Japan. Songs such as "Yo soy aquel" (his signature song), "Cuando tú no estás", "Mi gran noche", "Digan lo que digan", "Tema de amor", "Estuve enamorado" and "Desde aquel día" cemented his status as a major international singing star.

The ultra-famous Spanish singer whose been honing his craft since the late 1950s is going strong with his second artistic wind. After stealing the show in Alex de la Iglesia's 2015 film 'Mi gran noche' ('My Great Night'), he's off on a tour of to support his catalogue of songs in a big symphonic orchestra format with his album 'Raphael Sinphónico' (2015), which has him stopping in at the Liceu on two consecutive days. 041b061a72


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