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Houdini Opening Book Ctg Download [TOP]

Yesterday I've made a public challenge on Twitch again the latest Cerebellum_light, the once stronger opening book available, my book has won by 2 points. Here you can find the latest part of the games and all the games databases archives:

houdini opening book ctg download

The opening book is 143 MB sized and it was built by compiling only high-end computer games with the most powerful engines, the datas were selected using Chessbase 14 and compiled by Polyglot 64-bit. Goi.bin 3 is suited to be a book for chess engines competitions, but you can also install it on Droidfish on your mobile device.

Hello again, the book has just switched to version 3.2. The further days a CTG version will be prepared, in the meanwhile there's the BIN format, for those using competition engines like asmFish or Brainfish and/or not having Chessbase softwares. On the free Arena interface you can load the book in the Engine settings. You can also add the book to the Droidfish app as default opening book if you use an Android device.

Welcome to this new product, the elite of the chess opening books, its strength is unmatched. Built using only Stockfish 9, asmFish and CFish on very powerful high-end servers. If you want the best you must get this book. Much more powerful than Chessbase PowerBook or Hiarcs 14y.

After several thousands new lines from my server providers I was able to make a compilation worthing a new version.Goi 4.4 features variants took from opening books built by Komodo 11.3.1 and Houdini 6.03 games and a major extension on winning lines on the other hand.

With this combination, the free asmFish and my opening book goi 3, the program was stronger than Fritz 16 + Powerbook 2018 of more than 400 ELO points! (at the end of the video the games results are shown).

The second update of the 4,4 version is a killer: it outmatched any other top book, such as Cerebellum, Medulla or Vitamin kid. The Goi book, with previous hence weaker versions, has already won against other engines opening book like Chessbase Powerbook 2018, Chessbase Strongbook 2018, Hiarcs 14x and 14y. 350c69d7ab


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