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Icom Serial Number Check

This IC-7700 version was released in April 2011. It incorporates redesigned PA200W and FILTER Units. The new PA200W uses a single STMicroelectronicsSTAC2942B dual MOSFET power device in its output stage. The serial number prefix begins with "1" e.g. 1201234 (US/Canada), 1301234 (EU), 1701234 (UK).

Icom Serial Number Check

The previous serial number ranges begin with "0" e.g. 0201234 (US/Canada), 0301234 (EU), 0701234 (UK), and have the earlier PA200W (2 X MRF150) and FILTER Units.

Without serial number tracking you would likely need to recall every one of your products at an extraordinary cost. But with a proper serial number tracking system? Despite all of your products being effectively identical, you use the serial numbers on the returned items to find they came from the same factory. Moreover, the numbers show that all were made in the same production run: you isolate the production runs that used the faulty widget and issue a product recall that affects hundreds, rather than thousands of products.

After-sales service, warranties and repairs can be dramatically improved if serial number tracking is in place. Especially with complex products with multiple components, such as cars or consumer electronics.

Another excellent post-sales use for serial number tracking is the protection it can provide your customers in the case of theft. A high value item that is stolen and then recovered by police can be definitively linked back to its original owner and returned (and the theft proven) if the serial number is provided when the theft is reported.

2. CAT control via the USB port of the IC-9700Connect the PC to the radio via an A/B USB cable. The IC-9700 generates 2 COM ports when connected to the PC. Openthe Windows Device Manager and check the COM port numbers. Only one of the portscan be used for CAT control, try which one. 350c69d7ab


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