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Arduino Uno Driver Download

Arduino Uno is the start point of the Arduino series of boards. You have the start of projects! It is a open source development board that allows you to rapidly create interactive objects and has everything necessary to use the Arduino IDE software. It runs a good amount of programs, and is a useful development tool.

arduino uno driver download

Download Zip:

First, open the File Explorer, which you can either find under Start All Programs Microsoft Windows Explorer or Start All Programs Microsoft Windows Explorer Windows. Right click on the Arduino folder, select Open with the File option, and copy and paste the folder to the C:\ directory. Navigate to the C:\Arduino folder, then drag the tools folder to the Arduino IDE app folder, as shown in the two images below. This will allow the IDE to run. If you want to access the board from an Arduino-compatible library, you have to restart the IDE.

To upload a sketch, click the Upload button on the Tools menu. This will automatically switch you to the appropriate serial port. If your board has an uploading program (like a Arduino Uno), the IDE will open that program. The IDE will present the serial numbers of your board, the board speed, and other information you can put into your program.

The Arduino Uno will start to blink. Once it is ready, the serial port should show a status similar to the one shown below. A text file will appear, as shown below, which will have the contents of the Sketch loaded onto the board.


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